MWG News

'Friendship Together, Peace Forever' Continues!

Missions from each nations feel Korean Culture

Beautiful Female Athletes Come to Korea! The Gold Medal is Ours!

World Sports Stars Put in a Classy Performance in WG

The Orange Colored Cheering Encouraged Athletes in WG

Awarding Assistants wearing the Military Uniform...We are in control of the awards

Rise from the Ashes of Despair, Overcome Disabled through Sports

The Unique Events Military·Aeronautical Pentathlon, Parachuting were Held

The 1st WG Golden Medal to Brazil

6th CISM World Games Opening Ceremony

Preliminary Meeting & Welcoming Banquet was held

6th CISM WG MMC Opening Ceremony

“D-3" First Athlete's Village Entrance Ceremony

Mungyeong Athlete's Village Opening Ceremony

6th CISM World Games' Safety & Security Operation Training