Military Pentathlon

Military Pentathlon Character

Medal Information

Event details Gold Silver Bronze Total
Total 6 6 6 18
Man 3 3 3 9
Women 3 3 3 9

Military Pentathlon Photo

Composition of the Mission(maximum : 14)

Composition of the Mission
Fuction No. Fuction No.
Team Captain 1 Medical staff 1
Coach Men 1 Athletes Men 6
Coach Women 1 Athletes Women 4

Event Description

  • Individual Event 5, Team Event 1
  • Shooting : Shooting with standard rifle: (200m ~ 300m) precision shooting (10 shots) and rapid fire (10 shots)

    10 shots within 10mins in precision shooting, 10 shots within 1min in rapid fire shooting

  • Obstacle Run(500m) : Obstacle Race (500m): 20 obstacles(16 obstacles for women), tournament race.
    • Course
  • Obstacle Swimming(50m) : Obstacle swimming (50m): swimming for crossing the 4 obstacles
    • Course
  • Throwing(throwing with standardized projectiles) : accuracy (16 shots for each athlete, 20m, 25m, 30m, 35m / women: 16 shots for each athlete, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m) measure the each projectile’s distance.
    • Course
  • History
    • In 1946, a French officer, Captain Henri Debrus conceived the idea of organizing a sport competition reserved exclusively only for the Army. His attention was drawn to a military physical training technique at that time practiced by the Netherlands’s Airborne Units. It consisted of parachute jumping, marching, crossing of obstacles and finally performing combat operations with small arms and grenades.
    • The first demonstration competition was held with only men’s event at Freiburg, in the French occupation zone in Germany, in August 1947 with the participation of Belgian, French and Dutch teams. The improved regulations, resulting from this trial, were approved by the French military authorities and the disciplines included in the competition were widely adopted throughout the French Forces under the name of Military Pentathlon.
    • Since 1950 annual world championships have been held. Female discipline was adopted officially in 1988 with the first demonstration competition held in Norway. CISM world Games has been taken place annually with total 59th Games in continental, regional and tournament games.
    • Some of events include shooting with standard rifle of 200m and 300m, obstacle race with 500m distance, 50m obstacle swimming, shot up, cross-country. Individual competition consists of total 6 men and 4 women.
    • The final rank of individual competition after all five races has been totaled, team rank shall be determined by adding the points obtained by the four highest placed male team members for men and obtained by the two highest placed female team members for women in the individual overall result
  • Rules
    • Military pentathlon events will be organized in accordance with the latest regulations of the CISM Military pentathlon regulations.

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